Onsen (Hot spring baths)

Guests of Yunoshimakan can enjoy not only the baths in their rooms but also large hot spring baths, open-air baths, foot-baths, and family baths.

Yunoshimakan's large baths

Yunoshimakan has 2 large hot spring baths with an open-air bath attached to each. Guests can enjoy a great view thanks to its location along the mountain slope. Please enjoy a therapeutic hot spring in Gero.

Hot spring baths in the rooms

We use Hot spring water not only in public and family’s private baths but also in the shower and baths in the guest rooms.

Family’s private baths

"Family’s private baths " can be enjoyed free of charge with no reservation. Families and couples can enjoy relaxing in the bath privately.

A foot-bath in the mountain

Enjoy taking a foot-bath with a view of our traditional buildings from the early 20th century.


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