Dinner is served in your room. Please enjoy a very luxurious, beautiful and seasonal WASHOKU (Japanese) cuisine in an old style Japanese room.

We serve carefully selected Hida-beef sirloin, Hida river fish such as Ayu and Amago, our original menu “Yaki-Sushi” (Grileld sushi), and other seasonal cuisine. Experiencing a kaiseki (full course Japanese meal) in Yunoshimakan is the epitope of exploring Japanese culinary.


Having a dinner in your room or private dining room(For 5persons or more).
Starting time is 17:30~19:00.
We serve your dinner at the restaurant when you start a dinner after 19:00 .


Served in the public dining room.
The starting time is 7:00~9:00.
It costs a service charge of 2000 yen if you choose to have a breakfast in your room.


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